At Clarendon Mews, we are committed to ensuring we minimize our impact on the environment and adopt sustainable practices within the home. Clarendon Mews complies with existing environmental regulations at all times and ensures environmental considerations are integrated into day to day operations. At the home we have adopted an ethos of "reduce, re-use and recycle".

The Environment:

Our environmental policy is based on our passion for the environment. We are constantly analyzing and reviewing ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint. 


From solar panels to energy saving light bulbs to draught excluders, we are doing it all at Clarendon Mews. We currently have plans to expand our 20 kW solar power system to meet the rest of our electricity requirements as well as selling electricity back to the grid.


Our grounds currently have three designated rain water catchments. The water collected is utilized in the garden for our plants, bushes and shrubs.


Several new initiatives have been introduced within the home to minimize the amount of waste produced. A newly implemented computerized care system has reduced our paper and printing usage by over 80%. Additionally, our kitchen waste (such as peels) and grass clippings are all composted for our in-house herb garden.

We ensure environmental considerations are taken into account when procuring goods and services, Clarendon Mews makes it their utmost priority to ensure suppliers conform to good environmental practices within their business model.

Promoting The Local Economy:

We carefully hand-pick our suppliers to supply us with fresh British produce from local markets as well as supporting local businesses such as furniture stores and local craftsmen. We buy in bulk to reduce the amount of trips our suppliers make and influence the supplier to use recycled packaging.

Each year Clarendon Mews offers internships and our experiences indicate that the internships we provide are greatly valued which will jump start your career. If you are interested kindly get in touch with us on the "contact us" section on the Home Page.